Sunday, June 11, 2006

This one is for Sarah

I have passed a turning point, and hopefully won't look back for another year or so (like when Joey or Suzie makes their appearance).

I have graduated myself from diaper bag usage and moved on to my first attempt at the Mommy Purse.

I found this nice little purse at the exchange for around $20, and figured I would give it a shot...
Here is a picture of my cute new purse with all of the stuff that goes in it.

Let's see, there is a sippy cup with snacks in the base, tylenol, a foffer, emergecy toy, hand sanitizer, 2 lipglosses, cell phone, wallet, a book, a change of clothes, 3 diapers, wipes, a jar of food, spoon, another snack, spare batteries for the camera, washcloth, and the Hello Kitty book of pictures and other cards that won't all fit in my wallet (ex. costco, safeway, insurance, ect.).
Not pictured but also in there was a small tube of lotion, Jimmy's vaccination record, an emergency feminine product, my small pad of paper with pen and the camera (it was in use , duh)!

I realize that most of this is still Jimmy gear, but I don't care. It is the bare minimum of stuff required for a successful outing with the boy. On top of that it all fits in my new Mommy Purse and that is the important first step to diaper bag liberation!

And it really does all fit, and close... See? Yes I realize that the spout of the sippy cup pokes out the top, but that's just fine with me... It all fits in there and it fits in the basket of our new, smaller stroller. The airline trashed our old one, but it was getting pretty beat up anyway...

This picture almost looks like you should be playing "I Spy" or "Where's the Foffer", huh?

So there it is in all its glory! My first Mommy Purse!

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