Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boys are gross.

A few days back Jimmy and Joey both bundled up the stairs and invited me very politely to their tea party...
I followed them downstairs to find this.

The toy box with a tablecloth and set with three places.

"This is your seat Mama!"

They had snacks and everything prepared. I was duely charmed at the imaginative job done by the two boys and was then presented with my tea.

And then I looked over to see what they were using for a teapot...

The screaming banshee had nothing on me in that moment.

So, the next day while we were collecting school supplies, I picked up a proper tea set for them.
This set included a little sugar bowl and spoons, we quickly discovered that the spoons were just the right amount of lemonade mix to make lemonade in those tiny cups, so I keep the sugar bowl full of mix for them to have as they like...

They have tea instead of snack time in the afternoon... I swear I didn't teach them this!

On another boys are gross note, Joey learned a hard life lesson. Even though it is brand new and has Thomas on it(!), Mama will take and throw away your toothbrush if you use it on the cat's butt. And then she will be compelled to sniff all the other brushes in the house. Just in case this wasn't the first occurrence...
The cat will never be the was a spinbrush.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Birthday???

I bought this shirt as soon as I found it... and made him wear it immediately. We don't call him Joe-zilla for nothing!
But Joey is now three and got a two-day birthday!

Birthday? Did someone say birthday? That means cake!

Pancakes to start the day, of course!

More junk food on the train since it is a special day today...

After the rides, there was the birthday cake. Complete with a moose, duck and bear.

Joey really liked his cake! He thought the colorful sprinkles were pretty. Boy, was he in for a surprise!

Always take precaution around an older, candle blowing brother!

Mama put a rainbow inside the cake!

Everyone enjoyed it, even the crusty ones!

Presents waited until the next day, the actual birthday. Then the tissue typhoon was unleashed in my room...

To celebrate the day we went to one of our favorite spots and rode the monorail, now it is finally opened back up!

Then we took a couple of spins around on the dinosaur train!

There were several big dinosaurs around the looping track, but the t-rex was animated so that it kind of moved its head and eyes like it was watching the train go by... and it moved its little hands up and down. Almost every kid on the train waved back.. That was really cute, even if unintentionally done by the animators.

We also had our first movie experience and saw Toy Story 3, which half of the boys did ok with...

and to round things out was had painting when we got home.

The boys are always asking to paint, but it usually turns out poorly (I mean all over the floor and each other) that they don't get to very often!

It was a great couple of days and Joey now insists that he is not 2, but 5 like his brother... reminds me of someone else I read about (Hmmm? Lady M?)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Stopped to think and didn't get started again

As you may have noticed around here, I have taken a brief hiatus from posting.
I am back now and have a lot to share.

We have had an exciting month that tended to be more on the stressful side of busy...
but we did take time to enjoy some little things, like raindrops on hibiscus.

Yoga is a great stress reliever, too. I suggest you start with the sun salutation.

Then maybe downward facing dog.

Don't forget warrior!

Always have a good stretch, like the half-moon...

Jimmy is stretching his photographic muscles around here lately, as well.

We have also become prolific little artists, and mail our work to our adoring fans.

Jimmy can mail them just fine,

Joey needed a little help.

But when Mama needs help, it is good to know there is always Action Joey and Super Jimmy around.

Ready to fly to her aid...

Complete with cape.

Joey also is practicing for his upcoming birthday...

Getting to be so big...

And one last thing, if you let them peel it, they will eat it...