Thursday, May 29, 2008

A shared interest

The boys are getting a little better at playing together... slowly but surely. Jimmy is getting better at fining something to distract joey with when he doesn't want Joey messing with his train.

Joey just likes playing with his brother and his brother's toys...
Jimmy found Joey's Easter basket and likes to carry his trains around in it...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Yeah, I went there

He can eat a peach for hours!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Babies in the garden

More than just my baby, too!

There is much chirping from the birdhouse lately!
Mama is very skittish and sat on the roof with a bug for a good 20 minutes while I waited to get a picture of her feeding the baby bird. She eventually flew off and chirped angrily at me for being too close for her comfort!

But being a nosy biologist with a ladder and a zoom lens I got a quick snap of the baby poking its beak out. It seemed cautious, too , as all good baby birds are when their mother is out.

I can't imagine why...

I finally retreated inside and was able to catch the Mama feeding the baby.

Also in the garden, things are blooming away. Here are the tiny flowers on the front hedges...

The path going to the back yard.

It must chap my mom's ass to think that I have all these thing blooming with no work on my part and I don't even have a clue what most of them are! Sorry Mom!

Joey and his giraffe-lashes love you!

There are some shady characters hanging around in my kitchen lately,

but you'll have to hop over to Mama's Getting Crafty to meet them...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

According to Jimmy

Jimmy is not a boy, he's a little kitty.

We NEVER have popcorn in the house.

We NEVER let him have any water.

He doesn't want dinner. He is going to STARVE (it's not my cooking!).

Joey is NOT his brother.

Joey is not a boy, he is a baby.

Jeff is NOT Joey's Daddy. (I beg to differ...)

Don't forget the mushrooms! ( clue what this means or where it came from...)

Jimmy is three!

To make cocoa, you need a cup. milk and four coops of oy-valtine. (Nope, I didn't misspell any of that!)

The best card in his new Uno game is the WILD CARD! (Thank you Grandma!)

Mama's shoes are for Jimmy to wear, but only in the house.

Jimmy, Joey and Daddy each have two eyebrows. Mama has four. (Maybe an extra set for the eyes in the back of my head?)

I won't do it. YOU do it! ( and Mama's head explodes in 5..4..3..2..)

Little Jimmy Kitty loves the Mama kitty. (I love him, too)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Jimmy was ready to party as soon as he woke up!
Having the cake and presents out but having to wait for Daddy to get home is the toddler equivalent of water-boarding...
Jimmy kept bringing me presents asking if he could open "just this one?"

After he tried on all the hats he was O.K. for a while.

When Daddy came home it was time to party! On with the hats!

*I want cake!*

Blow out the candles...

Have some cake

It was very yummy!

Finger licking good

*More cake!*

After presents there was a trip to the park!

Jimmy decided he needed to jump off this step three times since he is three.

We had dinner at the round restaurant and talked to all the grandparents to thank them for presents and went to bed exhausted but happy, and three.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Check three and four... and corn

Chocolate Rainbow Cake... check.

Jimmy helped put the rainbows on.

Presents.. green ones, check! We are good to go for party!

The cat approves.

Birthday pictures later...

Grandma was right, it is easier to eat corn with four teeth!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Check another one off the list!

The boys are off on an adventure today taking the bus to get Daddy a tool to fix the car...

While they were gone and Joey was asleep, I finished Jimmy's magic cape, one of the four things he asked to get for his birthday.

The fabrics are a polyester satin and a sparkly "special occasion" fabric!
I, like totally had flashbacks to colorguard days in high school sewing this stuff and have a new respect for Holly's mom, who made some of the sparkly-er (that's totally a word!) costumes! This stuff is a pain to work with, it's so slippery and stretchy!

Jimmy asked for stars on his cape so I put them on the "plain" side to tack the two layers together a bit like tying a quilt. They're small and hard to see, sorry.

Now I just need to finish wrapping his presents (green ones!) and bake his cake and Jimmy will get everything he asked for! I'm glad he asked for easy things this year! Simplicity is a good thing!

To see what else I've been making, check out Mama's Getting Crafty! There's plenty there!