Monday, May 12, 2008


Jimmy was ready to party as soon as he woke up!
Having the cake and presents out but having to wait for Daddy to get home is the toddler equivalent of water-boarding...
Jimmy kept bringing me presents asking if he could open "just this one?"

After he tried on all the hats he was O.K. for a while.

When Daddy came home it was time to party! On with the hats!

*I want cake!*

Blow out the candles...

Have some cake

It was very yummy!

Finger licking good

*More cake!*

After presents there was a trip to the park!

Jimmy decided he needed to jump off this step three times since he is three.

We had dinner at the round restaurant and talked to all the grandparents to thank them for presents and went to bed exhausted but happy, and three.

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