Sunday, November 29, 2009


Meet the newest stuffies in the house.
These are the resident pair from the thundering herd that just passed through...
One for each boy...

Joey loves his "Elfant" I think it will be for Joey what Pneumonia is for Jimmy. I am very happy that Joey's favorite lovie is something I made for them. Elfant has already gone with Joey on many adventures and Joey makes sure to give him a hug and kiss before the cuddle in for the night...

Jimmy likes his, too, and has named it "Cookie".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So many things on the list this year!

I have so much to be thankful for! Our whole family has been and continues to .
be smiled upon.

I am thankful for leaf art.

I am thankful for kitties and quilts.

I am thankful for quiet times in the house.

I am thankful for a beautiful place to live.

I am thankful for sandy belly buttons.

I am thankful for happy and healthy boys.

I am thankful for thoughtful boys, even when I have to translate...

"I am thankful for everything in the whole world! Especially boats that take me across the sea;trains that take me around the world;airplanes that brought me to Hawaii;the car that takes me to the grocery store; Flash that takes me to the park; the bike stroller that takes me there, too; the submarine that brings Daddy Home."

I am thankful for good food to eat!

I am thankful for handprint turkeys.

I am thankful for finished Christmas presents!

Happy Thanksgiving!