Saturday, April 05, 2008

March wrap up!

Now that the clematis was identified, I ask you, oh readers, what is this plant?

The flowers are waxy and about as big as my pinky fingernail.

The boys like watching the traffic go by...

Joey enjoys his phone and afternoons outside.

Jimmy has shiny white teeth, he'll gladly show them to you!


But I was having fun with the balls over there!

Jimmy painted a new bird feeder. He picked this one because it was a gazebo.

He is also practicing riding his trike.

Jimmy was very sick over Easter weekend. Daddy got this little puppy to keep Jimmy company while he wasn't feeling well, and Jimmy named him the newest big word he learned. Pneumonia.

He got better.

Must have been all the kisses!

Go Griz!


Anonymous said...

Hi, got your message at this weekened. We were at Speech and Debate nationals. My girl got out at quarter finals, oh well. Good time was had by all. I have to do my grades tonight, but I we call you later this week. BOth quilt and babies are very cute!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable! Enjoy them now, cause someday your gonna miss that. Your plant looks like a lily of the valley. Debbie