Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not much news today...

Jimmy is busy with trains.

Joey is busy with everything else! Including another tooth (almost...finally).

The washable diapers are excellent! I am very pleased with them. I have one small load of laundry more each day and our household trash output has decreased by almost a third.
I wish I had started sooner, but I would have had to buy a lot more diapers to keep up with a newborn diaper schedule! And they're expensive! Well worth it, though. I purchased the BumGenius 3.0 diapers that convert to fit newborn through potty trained. The inserts are microfiber and very absorbent. They wash up like a dream and there are no stains and only one leak (when Daddy was in charge and didn't change Joey for a looong time) so far. So I am happy with them!
I think Joey likes them, too!

I have been crafting like mad lately, finishing up projects left and right...
You can see it all on Mama's Getting Crafty.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another step towards green

So far, so good... Two days into it. Wish me luck!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dizzy days

Coming in for a landing.

Jimmy tucked pneumonia in his shirt so she could spin, too.

Too dizzy to walk anymore!

Jimmy tackle!

Boys love their daddy!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally, an update!

Sorry for the lapse in baby goodness, but we have been out of our routine around here...

We went to the train park and rode Steamies and Diesels all afternoon.

Camas always enjoys boy time.

Joey loves his quilts!

Dancing like it's my birthday! Cause it is!

Joey had a very calm birthday. lots of great toys, like this garage, cute clothes and a fun trip to the pool with ice cream afterwards.

Joey also got and likes his rocking moose.

And he had fun helping Dad put together the new garage.

Uh oh! Traffic Jam!

I brought back this big bag of fresh organic lavender from our whale watching trip, and have been very busy with it!

I also got myself a new sewing table and chair (Thanks Barry and Ruth!) and love having it set up and ready to go! I have finished up several projects already...

My clean uncluttered expanse of craftiness has already been invaded...

I'm considering setting up a proximity alarm... *step away from Mama's Table*

I am very thankful for a sewing space. Even more so since the table has been taken for study space. Daddy is taking an algebra course and homework comes first for space and time.

Joey has continues to grow and can wrestle his brother to the ground if Jimmy isn't paying attention...
When he eats all his dinner he gets dessert. Yeah! Pudding!

All done!

We have also been enjoying the summer weather. We visit the fountain park often.

Jimmy likes to lounge and watch the other kids race from fountain to fountain.

The water erupts really high....

And comes down really fast.

Joey stuck close to Daddy after that!

Pneumonia stayed by the table and was the look out.

One step towards going greener.

Now that summer is here, I bought a folding laundry rack and can get three loads done and dry in the time it takes for my tiny little washer dryer stacking unit to do one...

Joey really likes his garage.

*Ok, mama, I'll pose for one cute picture...*

*now go away, I'm busy!*

And finally, a warning.
Be careful when you come to my house, the screen door bites!

Monday, July 07, 2008


It is summer and I thought this just screamed "Summer!"
I love salt water taffy and Jimmy gets to use the twisty straws when he is wearing his big boy underpants.

Jimmy enjoys the summertime.

Camas took me on a fantastic whale watching trip for my birthday. On the way up we passed under this bridge between the islands.

A couple of islands were covered in birds that took off when the boat passed.

There were also many seals.

One little seal pup waiting for mama to bring back lunch.

The first day we spotted two Minke whales.

It was very exciting, but no orcas...

The whole island was blooming. There was lavender everywhere!

This is the ship we rode. the Victoria Clipper.

Five minutes out on the whale watch the second day we started seeing orcas!

We saw whales from J and L pods and they were fishing for salmon at the time we found them.

We also saw some courtship behavior, too.

One whale, we later learned was named Mike, came within 30 feet of the boat.

I caught some video of him.

Another named Faith was as close and went right under the boat, but I had already put the camera away...

It was a very excellent trip!

I have many many pictures but chose the very best ones to post for you. Here are more great photos, not by me.