Friday, March 27, 2009

odds and ends


The lost pictures from our weeks in the hotel... Jimmy enjoyed the big beds.

Got some work done...

Had a rest with brother after swimming all afternoon.

yea... I guess

Some activity at the school caught my eye and made me smile...

The boys make me smile every day!

I am slowly getting my sewing corner set back up.

I love my castle of cloth!

I also am loving the automatically self cleaning cat box!

Joey's first mural is finished. The boys like to pretend to paint with me. Joey would rub his brush on the wall and then throw his brush down with a flourish and exclaim, "DONE!"

We (I have a friend helping) have started on the murals in Jimmy's room. They are going to take longer due to their size...

My friend and I went to an orchid show and saw some beautiful displays.

I also found this beautiful sugarcane spider on a car in the parking lot.
The owner of the car came out while I was taking pictures, wondering what we were doing to her car, but asked us to remove the spider when we pointed it out.

I put it on a nearby fence and got a few more great shots of it. Click on the picture for a larger version, if you dare...

Monday, March 09, 2009


That was a lot of work! I'm glad it's done!

Let's see what the boys are up to!

Mama kept the least crinkly sheets of packing paper and put them to good use.

Thomas helped, too!

Jimmy likes lining up the chairs to play. Sometimes it's a train, sometimes a bus.

Today it was a roller coaster.

I have made progress on Joey's mural. I have gotten to the OMGomgOMG I-can't-make-a-mistake-now-because-you-can't-cover-up-black part of adding in the black lines. I am also to the point where I need a ladder to trace out and paint the high up parts of the design.

Let's go have lunch at one of our favorite places!

Yum! Real ramen!

Jimmy experimented with using chopsticks.


We also found the pinapple plantation and I tried to convince them to pose with pineapples. There are just some things you need Daddy for... *sigh*

Neither of them liked the Dole Whip, either.

But they but enjoyed riding the train in Ewa Beach.

Jimmy wouldn't take his eyes off the engine (a green center cab switcher- green- his favorite color)!

Yeah! Happy boys!

Now we are counting the days until Daddy gets home.


Friday, March 06, 2009


So our stuff arrived....

Since I was still figuring out where I wanted things to go, I had the majority of it stacked in the garage...
At first I couldn't even get the car into the two car garage... but the cat found a nice perch to survey her queendom.

Jimmy found her anyway.

We unpacked late into the night... Jimmy was very excited at all the surprises in all the boxes.

We made a pretty big dent and was able to get the car put away.

The biggest problem is the boxes full of packing paper (most of the ones back by the garage door)... I have to haul them soon.

Jimmy wants to show you how to get from one side of the paper pile to the other...
this pile was all from that box, by the way...

Dive in head first! Then dig like a mole!

Try to lure brother into the pile when you come out the other side.

I also use Jimmy as a paper compacter.

Between unpacking boxes and cleaning up what ever mess the boys made while I was unpacking, I am working on the murals for the boys' rooms.

This is the start of one of the two murals in Joey's room.

This is one of two portholes in the bathroom.

Here's the other. I started with the smallest ones. These are both approx. 13" across.

Jeff asked for some pictures and here is just a taste for him. I haven't gotten my chotchkies out and art all put up, but the master bedroom is looking pretty good. and, man is that bed comfy after sleeping on an air mattress for a few weeks!!!

One of the few pieces of art I have hung...

The color scheme is what I used for most of the house. The buckskin color on most walls with the brown accent walls.
Jimmy's room is green and yellow, Joey's room as you saw up above is two toned blue.

So that's all for now, there's more boxes to unpack...