Friday, March 27, 2009

odds and ends


The lost pictures from our weeks in the hotel... Jimmy enjoyed the big beds.

Got some work done...

Had a rest with brother after swimming all afternoon.

yea... I guess

Some activity at the school caught my eye and made me smile...

The boys make me smile every day!

I am slowly getting my sewing corner set back up.

I love my castle of cloth!

I also am loving the automatically self cleaning cat box!

Joey's first mural is finished. The boys like to pretend to paint with me. Joey would rub his brush on the wall and then throw his brush down with a flourish and exclaim, "DONE!"

We (I have a friend helping) have started on the murals in Jimmy's room. They are going to take longer due to their size...

My friend and I went to an orchid show and saw some beautiful displays.

I also found this beautiful sugarcane spider on a car in the parking lot.
The owner of the car came out while I was taking pictures, wondering what we were doing to her car, but asked us to remove the spider when we pointed it out.

I put it on a nearby fence and got a few more great shots of it. Click on the picture for a larger version, if you dare...

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