Thursday, July 27, 2006

That's not too long to wait!

Whoo hoo! Just in time to retire!

You'll become a millionaire on:
Monday January 2nd, 2035
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All the cool babies are doing it!

Jimmy is no longer being a pirate!

Now he's a ROCK STAR!!!

And he practices singing with his new microphone!

Cool Baby!

No more pictures please!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who woulda thought???

Suprisingly enough, smushed up macaroni and cheese makes a fantastic hair product, if you enjoy smelling like pasta!

And not suprisingly, this book with buttons on it can keep a boy occupied and giggling all the way home!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

YAY!!!! Hooray for DADDY!!!

DADDY's home!!!
Everyone is doing the happy dance!

This was the scene at the airport!

Jimmy continues to be a pirate, especially at playgroup!

All in all, a happy boy!

Monday, July 17, 2006


He did it again!
While trying to tackle the cat in her new box/bed, she bolted and Jimmy fell in.

And got stuck.

It wasn't nearly as funny this time, though, but I took pictures anyway! I had the camera out already!

Given the way that he is currently and happily playing with his blocks, I'd say he isn't scarred for life!

And even better news awaits him! By the time you all read this, Jeff will be on a plane back home! Yay for Daddy!

My Milkshake brings all the boys!

He likes Jamba juice, too!

Jimmy also decided that the pirate life really was for him and wore his bandana to playgroup today, where he was heartily amused with himself and the mirror box!

What's the matter?

Haven't you ever seen a baby in a do-rag before?
But he is a handsome little pirate...Arrrrgh matey!

Ya wanna know where his treasure is?
It might be over there...

It might be up there...

He'll never tell...

It might just be in his pants.... Yo ho yo ho! Stinky nuggets mateys!!! Don't be a bunch of lily livered scalywags!! All hands to the poopdeck!

At least he is a polite little sea dog and keeps his pinky up when eating his chicken! Gotta have manners if ya wanna run a tight ship!

One more weekend down!

Whooeee! It's hot and muggy!
Just like everywhere else in the country!

Jimmy and I got through the weekend by staying inside and cleaning... yipee!
We did go out for a fancy dinner (Taco Bell!) in the cool evening, but mostly stayed home. Jimmy has a bit of a headcold ***side note - If your child is sick, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THEM TO PLAYGROUP!!! I know you need to get out of the house, but the other mommies will appreciate it!*** and Jimmy has a head full of snot, but it is nothing a little decongestant can't help!
Maybe due to the heat, or maybe due to the wonky schedule, we have been slowly reverting into night owls.
I am trying to help Jimmy back into him regular schedule before Jeff comes home, which may be as soon as this week! Double Yippeeee!!!

Jimmy can't wait to show him all his new tricks, like knowing where his nose and ears are, going down the stairs (with a little help), and almost riding on his ride on toy!
Jimmy is really good at climbing up stairs, too!
Some things don't change, however! Jimmy still loves his Mum Mums and ice cream, loves chasing the cat and still looks darn cute when he's sleeping!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Maybe Little Miss Bitchypants does like me. Deep deep Deeeeeeep down!

'What will your obituary say?' at

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Creepy little buggers

Tonight I was making yogurt pancakes to treat the kids and mommies at tomorrow's playgroup. I thought I would add a little extra nutrition by making raisin smiley faces on some of them.
Immediately they reminded me of the kodama (tree spirits) from Princess Mononoke, especially when they were all piled up on the plate, and I was creeped out.
Do you see the similarity, or have I lost too much sleep lately?

Oh, and another thing that made me think I was going slowly insane was this...
if you go to the For Better Or For Worse main homepage (the only way I get to read it here), the strips are animated... not like cartoon animated, but the people blink... I thought I was seeing things until I read the small notice on the bottom of the page...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

He wasn't selling car insurance!

Hello All!
It has been a quiet weekend. Same routine as any and every other day. Iv'e been getting some laundry done, and we will go to the Dallas's house after lunch to feed and brush him and empty his litterbox.
We do get a bit of excitement around here.
There was one small surprise in the bathroom last night! Jimmy had a friend in the bathtub! He didn't see it, though! I kept him busy to distract him

The cat hasn't found our friend, yet, but she doesn't frequent the bathroom. I hope our friend sticks around and invites a few others to join him! There are plenty of ants to go around!

Speaking of a(u)nts...I've gotten a little scrapbooking done!
This is the 4th or 5th layout I've been able to finish with supplies in my stash!

And Jimmy is still waving his flags proudly!

Have a great week!

Friday, July 07, 2006

My Birthday treats

Lovely lovely treats!
Today was my birthday. It was my last birthday in the twenties... I spent the morning chatting with Mom and Tippy and when the boy got up I packed him off to the zoo.
We had a great time at the zoo. Toby confused Jimmy a little, he kept hearing talking but couldn't find any other people around... Jimmy was equally fascinated and frightened of the Hornbills, and I don't blame him, they creep me out, too!
After a snack we visited the monkeys and the children's zoo; where the goats, pigs and cow were waiting to be patted, poked and moo'ed at respectively.
The plan then was to go for sushi lunch before visiting the cat we are caring for and then home for a nap, but Jimmy conked out in the car for the twenty minutes it took to get to the cat's house. Unfortunately, this was the only nap Jimmy took today, so as bedtime neared, he was CRANKY!!!!

So that was my birthday. I did get myself a presie... actually two...technically four....
Here they are! Two pretty pretty pairs of shoes! Yea! Cute shoes! One pair of slides and one pair of ballet flats!!! Ohhh ahhh!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Laugh so hard you cry!

This one made my sides hurt!

This one is a bit rougher, but still damn funny!

Try out a video!

Jimmy waving his flag!

Jimmy and me and Monkey makes three

Sometimes you find something for your kid that is so perfect, it is a wonder you didn't think of it before.

Jimmy loves to wave things around. Anything that is remotely stick shaped gets waved around like a conductor leading a symphony. While I was picking up some envelopes for shipping a few Frugal Reader books I noticed on the other side of the isle from the packing tape were all the flags!
I got Jimmy a four pack of small Jimmy-sized flags. He had a blast! He got one in each hand and waved those flags for all they were worth!

And worked on his Jimmy dance!

The Jimmy dance started in the morning while watching Tony Orlando of all people on the Today show! He stomps his feet and waves his arms and sometimes throws in a wiggle! I have been encouraging the Jimmy dance and ask him to do it several times during the day! It's sooooo cute!

Later in the evening, I took Jimmy out to the army base to watch fireworks.
I should have left a half hour earlier or twenty minutes later. The parking was terrible! After I found a spot and hauled the kid and the camp chair to a good viewing location, we got settled in about twenty minutes before the fireworks started. The strange thing was that about 5 minutes pre-show, the carnival part of the festivities closed and lots of families left! With their kids! That were old enough to enjoy the fireworks!! I don't get it... It wasn't a long show... Why not just stay and watch?!? Oh well, they must have had other plans...
Anyway, Jimmy kinda enjoyed the fireworks for a few minutes and even oh'ed a little. The novelty wore off really fast and the snacks ran out so he started to squirm, We got packed up and went to bed satisfied with a well spent holiday. But not without snapping a picture.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Before Jeff left, he introduced Jimmy to the sprinkler.
This was not received well!
Hope you have a great holiday! Stay cool!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

This only happens six or seventeen times a day

I have mentioned before how Jimmy likes to take things out of their places and display them.
Here I have the classic example. I don't know how to prevent this without removing everything to some non-existent storage space.
Here is the before picture.

And the after picture.

Actually, Bridget, this is only half way through the process. He only got the CD's and DVD's out, the VHS tapes are still in the other side of the cabinet...

If you were wondering, it has been so hot and muggy here in the evenings that I have been putting Jimmy to bed in just a top and his daiper so that he will be comfy...
It must be working because he sleeps through the night for me. Now if only I could learn to put myself to bed at a proper hour!
Nighty night!