Sunday, July 09, 2006

He wasn't selling car insurance!

Hello All!
It has been a quiet weekend. Same routine as any and every other day. Iv'e been getting some laundry done, and we will go to the Dallas's house after lunch to feed and brush him and empty his litterbox.
We do get a bit of excitement around here.
There was one small surprise in the bathroom last night! Jimmy had a friend in the bathtub! He didn't see it, though! I kept him busy to distract him

The cat hasn't found our friend, yet, but she doesn't frequent the bathroom. I hope our friend sticks around and invites a few others to join him! There are plenty of ants to go around!

Speaking of a(u)nts...I've gotten a little scrapbooking done!
This is the 4th or 5th layout I've been able to finish with supplies in my stash!

And Jimmy is still waving his flags proudly!

Have a great week!

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