Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Frosty- He's just tall enough.

With all this snow, it's time to build a snowman!

Joey took his mittens off and wasn't as interested in helping or playing in the snow today!

Jimmy took a couple of headers into the snow, but still helped a lot.

When it was just tall enough, daddy added the head.

Ready for a face and buttons.

Hooray for Frosty!

Joey thought he was interesting, but too quiet.

The cat thought we were nuts, playing out in the cold when there are lots of warm blankets and vents to sleep in front of.

Joey didn't play in the snow much, but was tired out all the same.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit with Auntie Camas

We went to see reindeer. Great excitement all around.

The reindeer just wanted a little taste of the baby fingers...

Smaller than I thought but very cute!

We spent most of the day in Tacoma. We walked along the trail.

And found a fireboat.

Jimmy checked the bolts in the hull on this side...

Joey checked them on this side.

Camas added to her life list.

We also found these great mosaic seashells.

What are they great for?

Climbing on!

Climb climb climb.

Climb climb cli...ooooh trains!


We gathered up some pinecones to make birdfeeders out of.

Jimmy looked down into the water and said in an awed voice, "Mama, somebody threw in a lot of rocks!"

On the bridge of glass we saw lots of colorful glass and sculptures.

These looked like rock candy to me.

Jimmy and Joey both enjoyed running and climbing on the benches along the bridge.

We also stopped at Hello, Cupcake for some baked goodness.
Joey thoroughly enjoyed his,

And them started in on mine.

Jimmy actually stayed clean this time...

He sure gets worn out when Camas is here.

On another day we saw this submarine pulling in. Jimmy got excited to see it but then he looked very worried and asked in his tiny little voice if it was the Jacksonville and if it had come to pick up Daddy and take him away.

Poor kid... He'll get through this move just fine, though. I plan on keeping him plenty busy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Come on Mama! Let's Go Play In the SNOW!

This is Joey's first play in the snow.

This is obviously not a lawnmower, now. It must be a snowblower.

Can't stop, lots more to do.

The gate's closed.

Maybe he can just squeeze through...

Jimmy had fun, too. He mostly ate the snow.

However he could.

Can you guess what happened between this picture...

and this one?

He's all smiles = it's all good!

It is still snowing. Hopefully Daddy and Jimmy will be able to build a good snowman tomorrow.