Sunday, January 31, 2010

52 weeks of awesome- week 5

Whew! What a week!
My house is a disaster... I am actually looking forward to staying home to clean it...( I think I might be sick!)

Early in the week the boys got a package from their Great-grandma Mary. She sent them a variety of things but each boy got a $5 bill as well.

I was so proud when both of them wanted to immediately put their money in their bank to save it!

And Daddy was proud

and even the cat was proud. Maybe she had gas... it's hard to tell.

The crazy part of the week was that we had charter rides all week on the train!
Ten rides total if you count the normal Sunday rides!
Lucky the boys still enjoy riding the train, despite appearances.

Joey made sure to wear his hat everyday, too!

All aboard!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

52 Weeks of Awesome - Week 4

This week was finally calmer than the holidays.
A week to reassess our outlook and plan for the year and be grateful for the blessing we have.

Joey and Jimmy both continue to grow and pick up new things every day.

I can't even tell you how happy I am to say this, but Joey is officially potty trained!
He hasn't had an accident for over a week and is starting to wake up dry as well! Hooray!!!!
Joey loves his new underpants.

Stop looking at my underpants now...

Lately as Mama is feeling more energetic and the humidity is dropping slightly, we are spending more time at the local parks.

You don't need tracks to play with a train!

Don't need your slippers either, apparently...

We finalized the purchase of our new car. We did end up getting the 08 malibu. I am still getting used to the larger size, but it is a nice car and a lovely shade of navy blue.

I also finally finished phase 1 of the curves diet and know that I have lost pounds and inches (my pants fell off while on the train...) but haven't weighed in to update the ticker. I will update it with next weeks post. I am just happy to be moving on to phase 2!
The upcoming week looks like it will be busy, with charter rides almost everyday, and the boat preparing to get underway...
Hope you all have a great week and something awesome happens to you!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

52 Weeks of Awesome - Week 3

This week while Grandma Sue was here, we took a trip to the north shore to see the big surf.
The surf was big and rough enough that this is as close as we could get...
The strand line was at the very top of the beach... I've never seen it that high, but I usually avoid the north shore and the tourists during the winter big surf season.

We decided to take advantage of the wind and empty park to fly kites.

Oops, mind the kite eating tree...

The boys waited patiently while the kites and beach stuff was packed up. They parked themselves on the chain. I thought to myself," They look so cute sitting on the chain. You should take a picture quickly before one of them..."

Too late...

At the park there are trees to climb, too.

Time to get down...

It's time for lunch!

What a busy week!

The car situation has almost been completely resolved, and Daddy is showing no ill effects from his crack up.

I am doing well on my fitness process, I gained a few inches(?) but lost 5 pounds over the last 2 weeks. This week I start on the Curves weight management diet.

Over all, I am looking forward to a semi-quiet week, next week there are charter rides almost everyday!... Yikes!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

52 Weeks of Awesome - Week 2

This was only the second week of the year and boy, it seemed like the longest week ever!!!

This week had some awesome parts... some parts not so awesome.

Monday, Daddy took me out ocean kayaking for the very first time. I am not so comfortable in the open water with any size surf so I had to really talk myself into this one...

These pictures are not the best quality because they were taken with my cell phone...

Here I am on flat rock, behind me is the beach where were launched from, and about 50m from that beach is where we capsized the first time and the camera went to the bottom of Kailua Bay...
We did make it back to shore without flipping again, but later when Daddy went out by himself he ended up having to be towed in by the lifeguard, the wind and water was too rough for novices...
Luckily someone (with excellent taste!) had given me a gift card to Sears and I was able to replace the camera the very next day. Also luckily, there weren't very many pictures that I hadn't already downloaded...

Daddy also on Friday got rear-ended on his way to work... Daddy is fine but our red car (seen above) is a total loss... At this point in time we are still awaiting word from the insurance company to choose our next course of action..

Might as well go to Menchie's while we wait...

The boys like to go there and draw on the big chalkboard after eating their frozen yogurt.

Joey often has to wait for inspiration to hit...

It is easy to step aside and let Jimmy draw...

If you know that as soon as he walks away you are going to erase it...

and draw your own picture... the stinker!

One of the best things to happen this week is the arrival of Grandma Sue!

I am still doing well at Curves, but the bananas are starting to get bossy!

I'm trying!
This week will have its own adventure as we dive back into the car market. See you on week 3!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Bang goes the New Year

52 Weeks of Awesome - Week 1

We decided to take a hike and climbed up to the Makapu'u Lighthouse for some potential whale spotting.

First we had to wait an the trail head and play kazoos until Daddy caught up from parking the car...

The first part of the trail takes you around the over look where you can see the head of the lizard that makes up Hanauma Bay as well as Pele's Chair.

I was expecting to come out of the trail at the base of the light house, but you actually come out above, looking down at it...

Jimmy didn't want to have his pictures taken today...

It was a great hike for all those involved. We saw some splashing evidence of whales at play, but no actual whales, however, from the lookout above the lighthouse we were able to look down upon a pod of Spinner dolphins cruising around!

Joey fell asleep on Daddy's head on the way back down!

You may also know that I started working and working out at Curves again. I am determined to reach my goal this year and would love to surprise Jeff when he returns from his long deployment with a smaller wife (me)!
So the Hula Girl has returned... this ticker started last year, so in 2009 I lost and kept off almost 20 pounds with no real conscious effort. I haven't lost weight in the first month at curves, but I lost 8 1/2 inches! I Think my muscles were just raring to to this year! Yea Me!