Sunday, January 31, 2010

52 weeks of awesome- week 5

Whew! What a week!
My house is a disaster... I am actually looking forward to staying home to clean it...( I think I might be sick!)

Early in the week the boys got a package from their Great-grandma Mary. She sent them a variety of things but each boy got a $5 bill as well.

I was so proud when both of them wanted to immediately put their money in their bank to save it!

And Daddy was proud

and even the cat was proud. Maybe she had gas... it's hard to tell.

The crazy part of the week was that we had charter rides all week on the train!
Ten rides total if you count the normal Sunday rides!
Lucky the boys still enjoy riding the train, despite appearances.

Joey made sure to wear his hat everyday, too!

All aboard!

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Anonymous said...

oh the hat! pokes