Sunday, October 29, 2006

strange new device

Is this :
a)An ingenious new mobile child-proofing device
b)The newest way to avoid catching a cold by creating a personal "germ-free space"
c)An ineffectice bird watching blind

d)Jimmy just being silly

Now come and get a kiss!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Every single one of us, the Devil inside!

First I have to apologize for all the red eye in the pictures! No better way than by quoting INXS!

Jimmy has been busy busy this week!
He is almost big enough to turn out into the workforce so I decided to start training him for his McJob!
Sweep the floor, Jimmy! After your nap you learn how to do the laundry!
Sweep sweep sweep!

OK. Do I have to tell you I'm kidding? ... just checking!

On the chillier days Jimmy has taken a liking to a cup of warm cocoa!

MMMMM..... Cocoa! Just try to get that cup away from him before he's done. I dare you!

Jimmy has also been busy practicing his new trick...




Half-way to a somersault!

We have also been practicing wearing our Halloween mask!

The boat threw a Halloween party this Friday. It was at the first roller rink I or Jeff had been to in well over a decade! We're old!

I didn't even know they made skates this small!

Jim--oops, ummm- I mean Dash joined us for a whole slice of pizza and then went out to skate!

This has to be the easiest costume I've ever done. I was a major hit with the 10 and under crowd! (for those of you without small kids- I'm a clue! From "Blues Clues")

Go Dash go!

Hey... is there any more pizza up there?

Monday, October 23, 2006

Still cute!

And learning new things everyday!

Yesterday's new word came when Jimmy presented me with "Good Dog, Carl" and said "Carl" in his cute little baby voice!

He is starting to jabber up a storm and I am surprised when a real word comes out. I won't post a list of what words he has, since a lot of them are still half-words that mommy understands anyway. *the first "mommy" came out the other day, but has not been repeated, yet*
We have started liking "boos coos" with the "papint" and the "mail" and being so "mart"!

All in all Jimmy is a simple child, who needs a whole train track set up when one segment is just as much fun?

Jimmy! Where are your eyes?

Where's your ears?

Where's your mouth?

He knows where his peepee is, too, but I'd like to keep this boy, so no pictures of that!

We went to the Bainbridge Island Pumpkin walk this weekend, which was lots of fun! Not many pictures, though!

I will leave you with these two cute shots and be on my way!

Have a great week!

Wise words

After telling the story a few posts down about how I am turning into my mother, I spoke to her and she said she had one word for me. I was expecting something important to the practice of motherhood like "patience" or "determination," or some other sage-like word of "persevere" or "create". But no, the word she had for me was so unexpected it struck me silent for the few moments I needed for it to sink in.

The word, was butthole.

Yes, butthole. Meaning I need to check the cat's butthole for worms since she is handling mice...
Not much of a problem since the cat presents her butt for our viewing pleasure on a fairly regular basis., but thanks anyway mom! You are a font of inspiration!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

A day on the farm

What a fun way so spend the day!
There was a tour that we joined, so I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but it was still a great time!

On the farm there are tractors!

Lots of animals to look at! Llamas, goats and sheep...

There's something in there!

Ducks and ducks and ducks!

Funny tasting well water!

Let's collect some horsechestnuts for Mommy!

Now lets go get a pumpkin!!!

Look at all these!

What a pile of pumpkins!

We'll take this one! and the pumpkin, too!

Now we'll get some gourds, too!

This one looks good!

There's more in here!

Here's another one!

Lots of gourds and a pumpkin for our basket!

So pretty and festive!

We will be going back later this week to get a pumpkin for making pie, and we are going to sign up for their crop sharing program. Jeff and I are really excited about it! You buy in by the end of this month and next summer (May-Oct) we get a big basket of fresh produce every week right off the farm.
And it's organic!

Other than that, we are all busy busy busy! Especially Jeff! Jimmy and I are going to check out the YMCA for their classed this week and hopefully we can keep plenty busy, too!

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I wish I may, I wish I might...

Jimmy and I spent the afternoon in the backyard yesterday. I was picking dandelions and Jimmy was picking up the fallen apples. And I was picking bits of rotten fallen apple out of Jimmy's mouth.
There were a few white dandelions for us to blow and make wishes on!
Here's what I wished for:
I wish we had a few more nice days like today weather -wise.
I wish there were a few more wishing dandelions for Jimmy to blow on - he's having so much fun!
I wish he wouldn't eat them after the seeds are gone.
I wish I had brought the camera out with us!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all!

Or at least I have, under duress, had to pick up one of my mother's habits!
It isn't anything fun For Jimmy to remember, like telling him,"It's your life." or anything like that! No, no, it's much more mundane than that, but still straight from mom's bag of tricks!
I now have to check the cat when she comes in. To make sure she comes in ALONE!

Yes, she brought in a very live and fast mouse last night. Much hooting(from daddy) squealing(from Jimmy) and towel shooing (from myself) ensued. Furniture was moved, the mouse explored our whole living room and behind the washer an dryer. The cat kinda helped catch the loose rodent, but as soon as she got it she released it in the middle of the room in order to keep chasing it.
We lost track of the mouse for about an hour...
Fearing the worst, I left the house to run a quick errand, and returned to a mouseless home.
Jeff caught the mouse and tossed it outside (probably hooting the whole time).
The cat was rather ticked that we took her toy and pouted all night. I do not feel sorry for her.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A great week in pictures

There was much going on in the last week or so...
One morning there were three fire trucks that came up out street. There were no sirens, but lots of flashing lights!
I don't know what was going on, but it was fun to watch!

Jimmy had a front row seat!

He also has a new car to drive around the back yard! Wheee!

Our neighbors gave us a horse of our own! Bouncy bouncy bouncy!

Sometimes I think I married my father. I bought some Nuggets to pack into Jeff's lunches before I figured out he can eat on the boat...

A few days later, I opened the cupboard to find the nuggets sorted by flavor and stacked neatly. I was stunned for a few moments, but then laughed my way to the camera!
Jeff is so strange sometimes!

But he does love the boy and reads him lots of books!

One particular day Jimmy was determined to show us he was "so big"!

See? SOOOO BIG! So big getting his shoes off the shelf...

So big on the ferry...

Ohhhhh... mom has the camera! I want it!

Looking at the seagulls and other things on the ferry.

Being cute with daddy.

Oh yeah.. Sooo big!

In the town center by the ferry terminal, there are fountains to watch go up and down the stairs. It looks like fish, probably salmon, swimming upstream!

This fountain has a rotating pattern of jets and bubblers.

Jimmy got to play in this one! what fun!

He got all wet, but it was a blast!

Then we got busy in the flower bed. dig dig dig over here...

Dig dig dig over there! Planting tulips!

What a big helper he is!

That is all that my poor snot filled brain can do right now! Hope you enjoyed it!