Monday, October 23, 2006

Still cute!

And learning new things everyday!

Yesterday's new word came when Jimmy presented me with "Good Dog, Carl" and said "Carl" in his cute little baby voice!

He is starting to jabber up a storm and I am surprised when a real word comes out. I won't post a list of what words he has, since a lot of them are still half-words that mommy understands anyway. *the first "mommy" came out the other day, but has not been repeated, yet*
We have started liking "boos coos" with the "papint" and the "mail" and being so "mart"!

All in all Jimmy is a simple child, who needs a whole train track set up when one segment is just as much fun?

Jimmy! Where are your eyes?

Where's your ears?

Where's your mouth?

He knows where his peepee is, too, but I'd like to keep this boy, so no pictures of that!

We went to the Bainbridge Island Pumpkin walk this weekend, which was lots of fun! Not many pictures, though!

I will leave you with these two cute shots and be on my way!

Have a great week!

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