Friday, October 27, 2006

Every single one of us, the Devil inside!

First I have to apologize for all the red eye in the pictures! No better way than by quoting INXS!

Jimmy has been busy busy this week!
He is almost big enough to turn out into the workforce so I decided to start training him for his McJob!
Sweep the floor, Jimmy! After your nap you learn how to do the laundry!
Sweep sweep sweep!

OK. Do I have to tell you I'm kidding? ... just checking!

On the chillier days Jimmy has taken a liking to a cup of warm cocoa!

MMMMM..... Cocoa! Just try to get that cup away from him before he's done. I dare you!

Jimmy has also been busy practicing his new trick...




Half-way to a somersault!

We have also been practicing wearing our Halloween mask!

The boat threw a Halloween party this Friday. It was at the first roller rink I or Jeff had been to in well over a decade! We're old!

I didn't even know they made skates this small!

Jim--oops, ummm- I mean Dash joined us for a whole slice of pizza and then went out to skate!

This has to be the easiest costume I've ever done. I was a major hit with the 10 and under crowd! (for those of you without small kids- I'm a clue! From "Blues Clues")

Go Dash go!

Hey... is there any more pizza up there?

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