Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some gains and a loss


Hope you all had a great holiday and can relax a bit now that it's all over!I'm so far behind, I didn't even send out cards this year! Hope no one was offended! I figured that everyone that wants to keep up with our little family project comes here anyway... It's just that I've been a bit pregnant lately...
and then I threw out my back... thankfully Grandma Terrie came to help until I could get myself around again!
Enough self pity for me... on to the pictures and news!

Everyone, this is Joey/Suzie. Joey/Suzie, this is everyone.

Joey/Suzie is 11 weeks old and a big as your thumb, unless you have abnormally large or small thumbs, in which case you're a freak!
Joey/Suzie is very squirmy! That is about all we know right now. We will know if it will be Joseph Barry or Susannah Rose around Valentine's Day, but for now it's Joey/Suzie.

In Jimmy-land we had our first snow about a month ago! Jimmy didn't want much to do with it... it's cooo-o-old!

But we got a tree and Jimmy helped put the star on the top. Then we proceeded the three week "Jimmy, don't touch the tree!" mantra.

As it got colder, we took Jimmy out and let him pick out a winter hat. It was a toss-up between the black one with a big tassel on the top and this one, they were both so cute!
Say good bye to the neighbor dog, we're going somewhere!

Try to resist the cuteness!

Hey! I got my hat and boots on! Let's go Mommy!

We took Jimmy to see Santa in the park! There were lots of other kids to play with and the big jungle gym play piece to climb on. Jimmy wasn't so sure about Santa.

But he was happy with the candy cane!

We took a couple of trips to Seattle over the last month or so. Here are some highlight pictures!
The pig in the Public Market. They weren't throwing anything just yet, but I don't think I would want Jimmy getting any ideas!

Jimmy's getting to be an old pro at riding the ferry. He still really likes to, though!

We had fun with Auntie Camas at the aquarium.

I took a few silly pictures of Camas as well, but I don't want to undermine her authority in her class, just in case they don't already know how silly she is!

We spent a lot of time hanging out at home!
Jimmy has gained not only a sibling but a few more teeth! All the better for munching and crunching on stuff. Like popcorn! We discovered Jimmy really likes popcorn, and he likes to eat it by the handful, just like Mommy!

Who should I call?

Hello, Grandma?

And then there is Christmas!
Nobody told Jimmy that unwrapping presents was not a "come as you are" type of event.

It took him a while to get the hang of it, but he really enjoyed tearing the paper off in long strips!

He loved all his presents, as did Mommy and Daddy!
Thank you!

Then it was time for a Daddy-back ride around the living room!

On a more somber note, we unfortunately lost our Grandma Rose, and this week we will be traveling back to Montana to attend her funeral.

We love you Grandma Rose. You'll always be our Queen Bee!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

A weekend to give thanks!

For Thanksgiving we went down to Grandma and Grandpa Tillson's House.

But first we had to get all clean and presentable...

Brush our teeth...

While we were there we watched Thomas, played with a Jimmy-sized dog,

Had yummy breakfast,

Read lots of books,

and had some scrumptious PIE!!!!!!!!!!

Back at home we had a fun day showing antie Camas what to do in the fountains!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catch up!

Poor Jimmy has a cold.
But that means he takes extra long naps and I can get a lot of things done, like laundry and updating the blog!

Here is the Halloween wrap-up!
It was cold, but we had some birdies stop by in the early afternoon!

Jimmy was not all that excited about pulling the slimy goop out of the pumpkin!

Eeeewww. gross

I'll try... but eeewwww....


This is what greeted all four of my trick or treaters
You can kinda see the painting I had done on my door and my smiley pumpkin at the end of the trail o lights.

Jimmy had an INCREDIBLE dinner.

And now it is raining. These lanterns are on the deck off the kitchen and are about 15" high
and 5"x5" square...

That's a lot of rain!

And as a closing note... Jimmy has now successfully pooped in his potty three times ... in a row!
Yeah Jimmy. No pictures for your benefit!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

strange new device

Is this :
a)An ingenious new mobile child-proofing device
b)The newest way to avoid catching a cold by creating a personal "germ-free space"
c)An ineffectice bird watching blind

d)Jimmy just being silly

Now come and get a kiss!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Every single one of us, the Devil inside!

First I have to apologize for all the red eye in the pictures! No better way than by quoting INXS!

Jimmy has been busy busy this week!
He is almost big enough to turn out into the workforce so I decided to start training him for his McJob!
Sweep the floor, Jimmy! After your nap you learn how to do the laundry!
Sweep sweep sweep!

OK. Do I have to tell you I'm kidding? ... just checking!

On the chillier days Jimmy has taken a liking to a cup of warm cocoa!

MMMMM..... Cocoa! Just try to get that cup away from him before he's done. I dare you!

Jimmy has also been busy practicing his new trick...




Half-way to a somersault!

We have also been practicing wearing our Halloween mask!

The boat threw a Halloween party this Friday. It was at the first roller rink I or Jeff had been to in well over a decade! We're old!

I didn't even know they made skates this small!

Jim--oops, ummm- I mean Dash joined us for a whole slice of pizza and then went out to skate!

This has to be the easiest costume I've ever done. I was a major hit with the 10 and under crowd! (for those of you without small kids- I'm a clue! From "Blues Clues")

Go Dash go!

Hey... is there any more pizza up there?