Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catch up!

Poor Jimmy has a cold.
But that means he takes extra long naps and I can get a lot of things done, like laundry and updating the blog!

Here is the Halloween wrap-up!
It was cold, but we had some birdies stop by in the early afternoon!

Jimmy was not all that excited about pulling the slimy goop out of the pumpkin!

Eeeewww. gross

I'll try... but eeewwww....


This is what greeted all four of my trick or treaters
You can kinda see the painting I had done on my door and my smiley pumpkin at the end of the trail o lights.

Jimmy had an INCREDIBLE dinner.

And now it is raining. These lanterns are on the deck off the kitchen and are about 15" high
and 5"x5" square...

That's a lot of rain!

And as a closing note... Jimmy has now successfully pooped in his potty three times ... in a row!
Yeah Jimmy. No pictures for your benefit!

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