Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hibernation mode

Aloha All!
In case you didn't notice, the posts have been trickling to a weak flow now that the boys are getting older, so it's time to call a spade a spade and put this blog to bed for now. Realistically, the boys are doing good, and most of the pictures I take of them are over on, enjoy the archive and we may be back at some time in the future. Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Monday, May 09, 2011

Easter 2011

This year's Easter was little more involved than previous years since the boys are getting bigger, now.  Grandma Sue was also on hand to help with the celebration.
This is the first year we dyed eggs.

With a little help and some instructions the boys did very well!

The waiting is always the hardest part!

After mastering the basics, things got fancy... first they tried stripes...

and then the mixing and double dipping surprisingly nice effect!

Easter Saturday the HOA sponsored an egg "hunt".  Jimmy only gathered green eggs...

Joey only gathered blue ones...

Silly Boys!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break - Days 3 & 4

Spring break is winding down and Mama's hours are picking up toward the end of the week, so she planned smaller, but still fun adventures for days 3 and 4.

Day 3's adventure brought us to one of our favorite haunts!

Yup, the library.  We are indeed nerds and proud of it!

This particular branch of the library system has beautiful Hawaiian quilts and artifacts upstairs.

They also change out their showcase each season. For spring a whole collection of bunnies, of which I only took a few pictures!  This one was made of shells.

Some very oriental looking ones,

And some naughty ones that have been in the strawberry patch!

The boys each started piling up the books to bring home, but we stayed for a while to read a couple, too.

On day 4, we had invited one of Jimmy's classmates and brother to ride the train with us.

Trying to figure out the shaka sign....

Nope, not quite right... but very enthusiastic!

This is a little better!

After the train we headed out to the windy windy beach by our house.
It's a bit rough for swimming, but perfect for flying kites.

Joey did very well with his Buzz Lightyear kite.

He concentrated very hard on not letting the kite blow away! It was VERY windy!

After a few failed attempts to launch Jimmy's Thunderbirds kite, Mama got the lizard up and soaring.

Jimmy was not all that upset his kite wouldn't fly... he found something else to do...

He found a "submarine" to sail in the sand.

He did get a chance to fly the lizard kite before we left, though...

Mama had a bit of business to attend to downtown, and the boys were very polite little gentlemen, so Mama took them someplace new for a treat!

This store is now on the danger list...

Day 5 will be a great one... something new for all of us, and it should just be a beautiful day for it, too!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break - Day 2

Day Two is here!
We loaded up our scooters and headed over to our favorite park that happens to have a large looping sidewalk with a long downhill slope.
Time for a some scooter racing!

It was like watching a boy carousel. Round and round they went!

On shorter lengths, Joey could keep up pretty good, but we had a few slipper failures and Jimmy usually took the lead.

Another great thing about this park, besides its size, is the fact the sidewalks are built a good six feet away from the road with grass in between. So even if someone crashes, they are still safely away from the road.

Another fun day.
Joey needs to work on his braking, though...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring break - Day 1

Aloha all!
I have returned back to the blogosphere. As happens with any absence, a large pile of pictures has built up and I was reluctant to tackle it, starting and endless loop of non-posting.  Sorry! I decided that I will start from today and go forward, and as time allows go back and pick up some of the pile...

So moving on.
This week is spring break for Jimmy.  I promised him that we would get out of the house and do something fun every day. We started out the week by taking a hike to Manoa Falls. 
Jimmy found himself a bamboo walking stick and the parking attendant has a little one to lend Joey.

After the few obligatory trailhead pictures, that is...

This hike started out nice and easy, with bridges over Manoa Stream, where we spotted little fishes.

It got a little harder after that.

Both boys made good use of their walking sticks.

Of course being good biologists, we stopped and looked at the moss, the fiddleheads and the mushrooms.

This log had two different kinds of mushrooms on it!
We also made a point to stop and stay quiet a couple of times to listen to the birds.

We finally made it up to the falls!

Joey was a bit underwhelmed...

But perked up for pictures. Especially after I told him there was jelly beans in the car!
One final rest on our was down.

This was a great hike for all three of us.We will probably do it again! But not this week... Mama's got other things up her sleeves for the rest of spring break.