Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring break - Day 1

Aloha all!
I have returned back to the blogosphere. As happens with any absence, a large pile of pictures has built up and I was reluctant to tackle it, starting and endless loop of non-posting.  Sorry! I decided that I will start from today and go forward, and as time allows go back and pick up some of the pile...

So moving on.
This week is spring break for Jimmy.  I promised him that we would get out of the house and do something fun every day. We started out the week by taking a hike to Manoa Falls. 
Jimmy found himself a bamboo walking stick and the parking attendant has a little one to lend Joey.

After the few obligatory trailhead pictures, that is...

This hike started out nice and easy, with bridges over Manoa Stream, where we spotted little fishes.

It got a little harder after that.

Both boys made good use of their walking sticks.

Of course being good biologists, we stopped and looked at the moss, the fiddleheads and the mushrooms.

This log had two different kinds of mushrooms on it!
We also made a point to stop and stay quiet a couple of times to listen to the birds.

We finally made it up to the falls!

Joey was a bit underwhelmed...

But perked up for pictures. Especially after I told him there was jelly beans in the car!
One final rest on our was down.

This was a great hike for all three of us.We will probably do it again! But not this week... Mama's got other things up her sleeves for the rest of spring break.

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