Saturday, October 07, 2006

A great week in pictures

There was much going on in the last week or so...
One morning there were three fire trucks that came up out street. There were no sirens, but lots of flashing lights!
I don't know what was going on, but it was fun to watch!

Jimmy had a front row seat!

He also has a new car to drive around the back yard! Wheee!

Our neighbors gave us a horse of our own! Bouncy bouncy bouncy!

Sometimes I think I married my father. I bought some Nuggets to pack into Jeff's lunches before I figured out he can eat on the boat...

A few days later, I opened the cupboard to find the nuggets sorted by flavor and stacked neatly. I was stunned for a few moments, but then laughed my way to the camera!
Jeff is so strange sometimes!

But he does love the boy and reads him lots of books!

One particular day Jimmy was determined to show us he was "so big"!

See? SOOOO BIG! So big getting his shoes off the shelf...

So big on the ferry...

Ohhhhh... mom has the camera! I want it!

Looking at the seagulls and other things on the ferry.

Being cute with daddy.

Oh yeah.. Sooo big!

In the town center by the ferry terminal, there are fountains to watch go up and down the stairs. It looks like fish, probably salmon, swimming upstream!

This fountain has a rotating pattern of jets and bubblers.

Jimmy got to play in this one! what fun!

He got all wet, but it was a blast!

Then we got busy in the flower bed. dig dig dig over here...

Dig dig dig over there! Planting tulips!

What a big helper he is!

That is all that my poor snot filled brain can do right now! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Camas said...

Moose on the Loose! It fits! I love your house, it looks like it has so much room, and a fem den, I am jealous. I'm reading a good book, "Wicked" it is about the witch of the west. Check it out.

Love, Camas