Tuesday, September 26, 2006


It's good to be home!

Here it is!
Our little blue house!
The neighborhood is very quiet and the neighbors have already invited us over for dinner!
There are other little kids down the street we have also found out!

Here is the view from the deck into the back yard! We have a great big curly willow and a small but prolific apple tree. Also the back of the house from the yard.
The windows underneath the deck is the fem den / guest quarters. You get in through that door you can see, it's not connected to the house inside at all.

Along one of the long sides and back of the yard are blackberry bushes!

From which we have already made a couple of these!


Here's Patty! She was excited to see us move in, but I get the feeling that being a lab, she's excited about everything!

The sliding glass doors in the kitchen are a favorite spot for the cat to sit and watch me cook and clean up, or just to lie in the sun or to watch....

The birds at the feeder!

Grampa Barry and Grandma Ruth came for a quick visit to welcome us to the time zone and to bring Jimmy a belated birthday present!

We spent the afternoon unpacking and decided to venture over the sound to IKEA!

Grandpa, Seattle is THAT WAY!

You can just barely make out the Seattle skyline!

We had a successful but exhausting trip to IKEA. We got a nook for our computer and a small table and chairs for Jimmy. He help us put them together. He's so smart, he might be Swedish!

Here's the last shot for today..
Jimmy enjoying an apple off our tree with his breakfast sitting at his table!

There's more news, but not very pressing and it can wait for later!
You also won't get to see the inside of the house until I'm done with it!

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