Saturday, January 16, 2010

52 Weeks of Awesome - Week 3

This week while Grandma Sue was here, we took a trip to the north shore to see the big surf.
The surf was big and rough enough that this is as close as we could get...
The strand line was at the very top of the beach... I've never seen it that high, but I usually avoid the north shore and the tourists during the winter big surf season.

We decided to take advantage of the wind and empty park to fly kites.

Oops, mind the kite eating tree...

The boys waited patiently while the kites and beach stuff was packed up. They parked themselves on the chain. I thought to myself," They look so cute sitting on the chain. You should take a picture quickly before one of them..."

Too late...

At the park there are trees to climb, too.

Time to get down...

It's time for lunch!

What a busy week!

The car situation has almost been completely resolved, and Daddy is showing no ill effects from his crack up.

I am doing well on my fitness process, I gained a few inches(?) but lost 5 pounds over the last 2 weeks. This week I start on the Curves weight management diet.

Over all, I am looking forward to a semi-quiet week, next week there are charter rides almost everyday!... Yikes!

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Lady M said...

The kite flying looks terrific! We haven't had a windy enough day lately to try out our kite again.

Glad the car situation is getting resolved.

Side note - On my plush monster, I ended up using buttons for eyes and embroidering a simple mouth. My first creature plush!