Friday, July 07, 2006

My Birthday treats

Lovely lovely treats!
Today was my birthday. It was my last birthday in the twenties... I spent the morning chatting with Mom and Tippy and when the boy got up I packed him off to the zoo.
We had a great time at the zoo. Toby confused Jimmy a little, he kept hearing talking but couldn't find any other people around... Jimmy was equally fascinated and frightened of the Hornbills, and I don't blame him, they creep me out, too!
After a snack we visited the monkeys and the children's zoo; where the goats, pigs and cow were waiting to be patted, poked and moo'ed at respectively.
The plan then was to go for sushi lunch before visiting the cat we are caring for and then home for a nap, but Jimmy conked out in the car for the twenty minutes it took to get to the cat's house. Unfortunately, this was the only nap Jimmy took today, so as bedtime neared, he was CRANKY!!!!

So that was my birthday. I did get myself a presie... actually two...technically four....
Here they are! Two pretty pretty pairs of shoes! Yea! Cute shoes! One pair of slides and one pair of ballet flats!!! Ohhh ahhh!!!

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