Monday, July 17, 2006

One more weekend down!

Whooeee! It's hot and muggy!
Just like everywhere else in the country!

Jimmy and I got through the weekend by staying inside and cleaning... yipee!
We did go out for a fancy dinner (Taco Bell!) in the cool evening, but mostly stayed home. Jimmy has a bit of a headcold ***side note - If your child is sick, PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THEM TO PLAYGROUP!!! I know you need to get out of the house, but the other mommies will appreciate it!*** and Jimmy has a head full of snot, but it is nothing a little decongestant can't help!
Maybe due to the heat, or maybe due to the wonky schedule, we have been slowly reverting into night owls.
I am trying to help Jimmy back into him regular schedule before Jeff comes home, which may be as soon as this week! Double Yippeeee!!!

Jimmy can't wait to show him all his new tricks, like knowing where his nose and ears are, going down the stairs (with a little help), and almost riding on his ride on toy!
Jimmy is really good at climbing up stairs, too!
Some things don't change, however! Jimmy still loves his Mum Mums and ice cream, loves chasing the cat and still looks darn cute when he's sleeping!

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