Monday, July 17, 2006


He did it again!
While trying to tackle the cat in her new box/bed, she bolted and Jimmy fell in.

And got stuck.

It wasn't nearly as funny this time, though, but I took pictures anyway! I had the camera out already!

Given the way that he is currently and happily playing with his blocks, I'd say he isn't scarred for life!

And even better news awaits him! By the time you all read this, Jeff will be on a plane back home! Yay for Daddy!


Avery's mom said...

oh, poor baby! these pictures are cracking me up reminding me of how I offended my poor AVERY this morning with the Vaccuum?Cleaner. their tender egos get so banged up.

Dodopeli said...

It would have been funnier if he fell in the cat's other box! mmmm litter box crunchies!