Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jimmy and me and Monkey makes three

Sometimes you find something for your kid that is so perfect, it is a wonder you didn't think of it before.

Jimmy loves to wave things around. Anything that is remotely stick shaped gets waved around like a conductor leading a symphony. While I was picking up some envelopes for shipping a few Frugal Reader books I noticed on the other side of the isle from the packing tape were all the flags!
I got Jimmy a four pack of small Jimmy-sized flags. He had a blast! He got one in each hand and waved those flags for all they were worth!

And worked on his Jimmy dance!

The Jimmy dance started in the morning while watching Tony Orlando of all people on the Today show! He stomps his feet and waves his arms and sometimes throws in a wiggle! I have been encouraging the Jimmy dance and ask him to do it several times during the day! It's sooooo cute!

Later in the evening, I took Jimmy out to the army base to watch fireworks.
I should have left a half hour earlier or twenty minutes later. The parking was terrible! After I found a spot and hauled the kid and the camp chair to a good viewing location, we got settled in about twenty minutes before the fireworks started. The strange thing was that about 5 minutes pre-show, the carnival part of the festivities closed and lots of families left! With their kids! That were old enough to enjoy the fireworks!! I don't get it... It wasn't a long show... Why not just stay and watch?!? Oh well, they must have had other plans...
Anyway, Jimmy kinda enjoyed the fireworks for a few minutes and even oh'ed a little. The novelty wore off really fast and the snacks ran out so he started to squirm, We got packed up and went to bed satisfied with a well spent holiday. But not without snapping a picture.

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