Monday, March 09, 2009


That was a lot of work! I'm glad it's done!

Let's see what the boys are up to!

Mama kept the least crinkly sheets of packing paper and put them to good use.

Thomas helped, too!

Jimmy likes lining up the chairs to play. Sometimes it's a train, sometimes a bus.

Today it was a roller coaster.

I have made progress on Joey's mural. I have gotten to the OMGomgOMG I-can't-make-a-mistake-now-because-you-can't-cover-up-black part of adding in the black lines. I am also to the point where I need a ladder to trace out and paint the high up parts of the design.

Let's go have lunch at one of our favorite places!

Yum! Real ramen!

Jimmy experimented with using chopsticks.


We also found the pinapple plantation and I tried to convince them to pose with pineapples. There are just some things you need Daddy for... *sigh*

Neither of them liked the Dole Whip, either.

But they but enjoyed riding the train in Ewa Beach.

Jimmy wouldn't take his eyes off the engine (a green center cab switcher- green- his favorite color)!

Yeah! Happy boys!

Now we are counting the days until Daddy gets home.


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Lady M said...

I can't believe you already got the garage emptied! We still have one car parked outside.

It took six months for Q-ster to color his way through our pile of lightly wrinkled packing paper.

Love how your mural is coming along!