Friday, April 24, 2009

Jimmy will never forget!

So the bike stroller is getting a bit crowded and heavy to pull lately, and Jimmy's birthday is coming up...

It was decided to get Jimmy his present a bit early.
We tried out a couple at the store...
This one wasn't quite right...

This one wasn't right either.

We found FLASH! FLASH is perfect. It is even his favorite colors.

We got Jimmy helmeted and padded him up and sent him on his way.

Pneumonia got to go for a ride, too, strapped on much like a deer hunters' trophy.

Bye Jimmy! Be back for dinner!

Jimmy also helps keep the bikes clean.

And what is Joey doing during all this bicycling excitement?

Napping, generally, or reading a good book.

And what has Mama been doing? Painting murals! Click here to see the finished* murals in the boys' rooms.

*Jimmy has asked for more animals and birds, and then a snake and a turtle...

1 comment:

Lady M said...

A new bike, how exciting!

I looked at the murals and the quilt pictures that you posted earlier - in awe of your craftiness!