Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Happy HAPPY!!!

So we went and watched this submarine pull in...

We were all excited that day, Jimmy so much I couldn't get a picture!


Just in time for an egg hunt!

Everyone has their buckets!

Now I wonder if they will find any eggs...

Younger kids got to go first.

Jimmy had to wait.

Then all eggs broke loose.

After some preliminary running, Jimmy gathered a fair bunch.

Jimmy has gotten to share a couple of nice breakfasts with Daddy.

Joey likes to share ice cream.

The boys do a great job filling my fountain/planter with rocks.

My orchid on the top is starting to bloom! It smells like chocolate.

I also have been working on Jimmy's big mural. This was the first days' work.

Happy Easter!

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Lady M said...

Happy Easter to you too!