Friday, May 16, 2008

Babies in the garden

More than just my baby, too!

There is much chirping from the birdhouse lately!
Mama is very skittish and sat on the roof with a bug for a good 20 minutes while I waited to get a picture of her feeding the baby bird. She eventually flew off and chirped angrily at me for being too close for her comfort!

But being a nosy biologist with a ladder and a zoom lens I got a quick snap of the baby poking its beak out. It seemed cautious, too , as all good baby birds are when their mother is out.

I can't imagine why...

I finally retreated inside and was able to catch the Mama feeding the baby.

Also in the garden, things are blooming away. Here are the tiny flowers on the front hedges...

The path going to the back yard.

It must chap my mom's ass to think that I have all these thing blooming with no work on my part and I don't even have a clue what most of them are! Sorry Mom!

Joey and his giraffe-lashes love you!

There are some shady characters hanging around in my kitchen lately,

but you'll have to hop over to Mama's Getting Crafty to meet them...

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