Saturday, May 03, 2008

Check another one off the list!

The boys are off on an adventure today taking the bus to get Daddy a tool to fix the car...

While they were gone and Joey was asleep, I finished Jimmy's magic cape, one of the four things he asked to get for his birthday.

The fabrics are a polyester satin and a sparkly "special occasion" fabric!
I, like totally had flashbacks to colorguard days in high school sewing this stuff and have a new respect for Holly's mom, who made some of the sparkly-er (that's totally a word!) costumes! This stuff is a pain to work with, it's so slippery and stretchy!

Jimmy asked for stars on his cape so I put them on the "plain" side to tack the two layers together a bit like tying a quilt. They're small and hard to see, sorry.

Now I just need to finish wrapping his presents (green ones!) and bake his cake and Jimmy will get everything he asked for! I'm glad he asked for easy things this year! Simplicity is a good thing!

To see what else I've been making, check out Mama's Getting Crafty! There's plenty there!

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Lady M said...

I love the cape! You are so crafty.