Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Huge news!

Things are exciting around here today!

First of all, Jeff and I have reclaimed the living room from the toy pile of no end.
I have been voicing my paranoia that Jimmy will pull the fish tank down on himself to Jeff lately, and Jimmy proved my point wonderfully in front of both of us by wobbling the legs of the tank stand to the point that the water in the fish tank started to slosh a bit. Thankfully, the protective part of Daddy kicked in and the fish went out Sunday afternoon. A quick trip to the store to pick up some pop up hampers and the toys migrated into the recently vacated fish corner!

There are still a few toys in the living room, but you can see our nasty carpet in almost the whole room!!!

Jimmy graduated from the infant play morning today. Since he is walking, we get to start going to the toddler play group!! Yea!! This is especially nice for me because the toddler group is in the afternoon instaed of morning!!! Yea #2!!! No more bailing out early from playgroup because it's naptime!!!

The best thing that has happened today is my Sister got a contract to publish her first book!!! Yea#3!!!! Whooo hoooo!!! Go Dodo! Can't wait to read it!!!

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