Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oh yeah, he'll be real one day!

Everybody, meet Takoyaki. He is Jimmy's new
best friend. Yes, he's a blue stuffed octopus, and Takoyaki is a fried octopus ball, but Jimmy's too young to understand that and we thought it was funny. Besides, it's fun to say... Try it..
Tako YAH ki...see? Fun!

Who would have guessed that with all of his teddy bears, chickens, ducks and such that Jimmy's favorite toy would be a blue stuffed octopus. The chickens are still a close second, but Takoyaki is by far more fun. I mean he's got 8 legs to grab and chew on and two tags on his belly.

Takoyaki started out at the aquarium in Waikiki.
We were hanging out in the lobby waiting for Daddy to come back from parking the car when Jimmy decided to check out the gift shop. To my surprise, he cruised right past all the squeaky toys and jelly toys right to the back corner where this little octopus was perched on a basket of other stuffed sea life.
Jimmy snatched Takoyaki and proceeded to waltz right out... Mommy waltzed right back in with him and the toy to pay for it and then Jimmy was released.

Jimmy likes to walk around with Takoyaki and will snuggle him in his sleep. He even knows Takoyaki's name, and will go looking for him if we ask.

I predict that Takoyaki will eventually have different (read replaced a few times) eyes and some of his fuzz loved off...Yup, he'll be real one day...

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