Thursday, June 22, 2006

I don't wanna work, I wanna Bang on my Drum All Day!

Good lord what have we done...

I plead temporary insanity!

We bought Jimmy a drum.

But not just a drum, a whole FUN in a Drum KIT!

There are maracas, a tambourine, a harmonica and a drum with flames on it. Also the drum sticks. Ooooohhhh the drum sticks! Very useful for drumming the drum, but also drumming on the floor, drumming on the walls, drumming on the couch, and maybe drumming on the cat, but we're not too sure about that one; she runs too fast! Jimmy does carry the drum sticks around with him drumming as he goes, and has only poked himself in the eye once (I'm still cringing at the thought!)
The maracas are great fun as well, and portable enough to go in the car.
The harmonica still confounds him. Jeff has learned "I've Been Working On The Railroad" - Jeff and the new train obession is a whole other story- but Jimmy has only gotten one surprise note out of it. Not for the lack of trying, mind you... A kazoo might be more Jimmy's speed just yet.

And now the pics. Note the joy on Jimmy and Jeff's faces, and the look of disdain (or is it disgust) on the cat's...
And Jimmy does like to run around with his sticks!


MsSisyphus said...

awww. You know, I was cringing at the mere thought, until I saw the pictures. The look on that little boy's face is totally worth putting up with some cat drumming.

Dodopeli said...

You just took the joy out of getting that gift for him from his Auntie!!!