Friday, June 16, 2006

It's a slow day

Slow day, slow day in the neighborhood.

O.K., I admit it, Raffi has changed the way I relate to the world. Seriously, the man has a song about everything! Going to the zoo, the corner grocery store, counting, brushing your teeth, riding in an airplane, bowling, eating and nearly everything else I do in the daily life with Jimmy...

Oh except changing diapers and laundry, but we don't really need to memorialize those topics in song, do we? There are enough duck songs to cover in the spaces.

So yes, we all sing while we are walking down the street, something in our shoe or not, and we roll our eyes and bug them out when the biscuits are rising... We sing while we eat our apples and bananas, sing while we get dressed, and if we see a robin in the rain...
It is a completely different version of reality... It is fairly nice, I hope we get to stay here for a while.

On the "To Do" list this weekend - in a fancy bulleted list!
  • An outing to the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens
  • Dinner out for Father's day
  • Laundry
  • Maybe a beach trip
  • A final attack on the fleas (we have almost completely eradicated them, YEA!!!) and
  • Teaching Jimmy where his nose is...

Happy Father's Day to Jeff and the Grandpas!


Drunk Blogger said...

it is a slow day indeed.

MsSisyphus said...

I have diaper songs. And potty songs. And waiting for the crosswalk songs. No laundry songs though. Laundry totally does not deserve a song.