Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It really bugs me!

We are starting on another wave of the flea war!

I got my Diatomaceous Earth(Thanks Sarah!) in the mail today and applied a dose to the living room carpet. This will be vaccuumed up on Saturday and we will possibly rent a rug doctor next weekend... I am so glad we are moving...
I love it here in Hawaii, but co-existing with bugs is a fact of life here... I do not keep a dirty house, but we live with cockroaches, ants and other creepy-crawlies. The fact that we have all jaloucie style windows and a door with a poor seal and no cold freezes to kill the bugs means that there is no way to keep them out!

I tolerate the ants fairly well, am grossed out by the roaches (especially if Jimmy finds a dead one before I do...crunch cruch crunch...), but am focusing lately on the two that are biting my family!
Fleas and mosquitos...
I am always searching for baby friendly pesticides, but may still resort to chemicals very carefully cleaned up...

Oh well... I will post the progress of the erradication... in the meantime, enjoy the pic of the day! This is Jimmy being pleased with himself after snatching my garlic toast at Applebee's in Portland.
I'm off to wash the cat.

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