Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Junk Food Junkie

Jimmy has a new tooth today. Number 8!
Some where along the line one of those cute little teeth turned sweet!
Our little kiddo is turning into a snacker! Mind you, we don't give him mass quantities of the stuff you are about to see, and not all of it is all that bad, we even go organic when possible!
He has discovered as you will see:

Malasadas kinda like a sugar donut

Cheetos especially the big twisty ones!

Pocky mmmmm.....pocky!

And to round it all out

Fresh Steamed Broccoli!

Yes, he is eating broccoli... And he will go to town on raw carrots and apples, too!
That happens to be carrots all over the rest of him if you were wondering.

Meanwhile it is fairly quiet around here with Jeff gone...
I got all the laundry washed and have thought about folding it and putting it away... That might happen tonight to avoid any mishaps. I say this because the cat is misbehaving again! In the 24 hours that Jeff has been gone she has peed on the wall (her litterbox is clean), puked on/in my shoes, chewed through the cord of my cell phone charger and is currently sitting on my pillow on the bed giving me the stink eye.
I really don't understand what her deal is... I don't think she's gotten close enough to me to smell the very nice cat I am feeding while his owner is on vacation...but maybe! I hope not to repeat the late night bug feeding incident, so I have been nothing but nice to her... I not only refilled her food as I do everyday, but emptied it out and washed the bowl and her water dispenser before refilling them, brushed her, put out a nice fleece blanket to sleep on in the sun and I put up a gate to my bedroom so that she can escape Jimmy, who has taken to tackling her at any time...
The gate to the bedroom also benefits me, since Jimmy has learned that drawers are easy to open, and there's stuff inside. Like socks! Underpants! T-Shirts! All of which need to be taken out and displayed. Then toys or crackers can go back into the drawer before Mommy comes in!
I really need to put the laundry away... again! Sigh.

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