Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Take It Further Challenge January

Here is my completed contribution for the Take It Further Challenge for January.

I knew that I would have to do something quick and easy this month since I have a couple af big projects in my lap right now...

This will be the most in depth look into the creative process I will do unless I get good feedback to continue...
I have decided to try to do as many of the monthly challenges using nothing but my stash of supplies, and make things for me once in a while since almost everything I make I give away.

The challenge theme was admiration and the color scheme is below.

I couldn't really think off-hand about how to translate admiration into a workable piece, so I decided to make myself a towel . Joey helped me pick this one out of the stash.

I set out my standard supplies: my favorite bowl, mechanical pencil, paper and a washable marker.

This bowl is the perfect size for a great "one-hoop wonder" monogram that I have used several times. I first trace the bowl and then decide how to decorate it.

This is how I usually do this decoration.

I have done this pattern several times, here it is on a gift bag I made for my niece.

I decided that doing a pattern I have done before wasn't really in the spirit of the challenge so I tried sketching out something else that would be just a s quick and still use the color scheme.

I really liked the swirly loose nature of this one and may use it in the future. You can see that I don't erase my lines, I mark them out and keep going.
The calico cat still voted for the classic pattern.

As I stewed about it further, I called to mind a quilt that I would like to do before I die that was in a great book Camas gave me for Christmas.

I could make a pattern based on the quilt and still keep some of the swirly bits from the second sketch. I traced out the hexagon of the right size and cut it out.

Joey approves and supervised.

The hexagon was then traced and cut out of heavier paper.
It was completely coincidental, but cutting it out of the flap with the sticky part proved beneficial as it stayed put on the fabric on its own while I traced it.

I traced the pattern onto the fabric- sorry, it's hard to see.

I used the washable markers to freehand the swirly bits.

I got this all stitched up in two short sittings. Here it is all finished and ironed.
The Grandmother's Flower Garden style tea towel.

Here it is with the only other piece I have made for myself.


Anonymous said...

WOW! that looks like so much fun, wish we could stick and .... sew together. I love how you showed the whole process.

Doris said...

wow! really fast,,and very beautiful flower

Barbara Hagerty said...

You're going to have to rename your blog to "Applespeedy"! So fast, yet so thought-through and photographed, step-by-step. I'm impressed! Look for my piece bit-by-bit, to be finished at the very last minute! *giggles*

Tippy said...

Nice work Jeni!
Our family is so talented!

Would send me a photocopy of the cat washing the birds pattern?

Love tip

Anonymous said...

by the way anomymous was me.


Sue in western WA said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a "one hoop wonder?" You've hand stitched these towels? If you got that whole design inside one hoop what size hoop are you using?!

I admire your ability to get your TIF done so quickly!

Kim said...

Nicely done and so quick!