Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alright! Enough about me already!

Here's what you really come for!

Joey is getting really good at sitting up by himself.

He's also very close to crawling (Lord help us) and is mastering picking things up with his finger and thumb.

We had a nice day so I sent Jimmy out to play. He found his chalk.
First he had to organize it.

Then he had to wait for inspiration to hit.

Unfortunately, rain and hunger struck first.
He came inside to help make lunch.

Always have extra food if Jimmy is helping...


Lady M said...

Yum, carrots. :) Congrats on how the diet is going!

Penny said...

Wow I dont know how you have time to do the challenge as well. I think your idea of simple is great and you then have a chance of finishing. Love the children, and I know how hard it is to get the weight off, my daughter has just had a new babe and she has her hands full but is still battling at the moment.
Thanks for calling by my blog.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and witty and funny comments, I had to laugh!