Sunday, January 27, 2008


I'm going to have to start vacuuming more often now!

Actually, this is about as far as he's gotten, he mostly is stuck in reverse and scooches himself backwards.

And falls over and rolls around....

He looks so shocked himself at his progress!

This has been a rough week.
Jimmy was sick. Mommy was sick. Jimmy didn't even want to "cheese" for the camera.

Joey was OK for most of it.

Quite cheerful, in fact. Happy boy as usual! * he just had a messy breakfast- hence the nekidness*

Seeing as we will need to vacuum more often, it is a good thing Jimmy conquered his fear of the machine and asks to vacuum, the freak! He even picks up his toys first so we can vacuum. Believe me I am riding this wave for all it's worth!

Jimmy also supervises Daddy vacuuming!

And then Joey got sick. Happy boy ran out of happy...

*Come on Joey, smile for Mama!*

See, Jimmy smiles for me!

Smile! Cheese! Cooochie coochie coochie!

Please baby, smile for Mama!

This is all he would give up. Scroll back up for Happy Boy and hope he feels better after his nap!

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