Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's genetic...

OK. enough of my monthly craftiness! I am glad I finished the challenge so quickly though. I have been able to get a lot done while Jeff has been on vacation.

I can attest to the genetic nature of retentiveness...
I, like my father, love when things are organized and in their proper place. Those of you that have been to my house, stop snickering...

I took a day to organize my floss before the end of the year and was very pleased with the results. Just looking at the boxes makes me happy. I mean, look at all those pretty colors all lines up and pretty!

Jimmy is the same way! He likes to line up his food, books and everything else before he plays with them. For Christmas he got a set of eight race cars and already had a puzzle with eight pieces. I watched him line the cars up very carefully by the knobs on the puzzle... completely focused on it...

Well, I'll let him explain what he was doing.

He's not very talkative in the mornings...

And it is inevitable that within half an hour of a laundry basket being emptied, it will be appointed a car and sat in.

Jimmy wanted Joey to go for a Jimmy-ride.

OK, more craftiness. This is one of the major projects I have in the works...
It is my first quilt I am making all by myself. It is based on one of our favorite books, The Big Red Barn.

"Enough crafting! I'm hungry!!!"

As I said before I have gotten so much done because Jeff has been home and does fun things like cook dinner with Jimmy. They made Brunswick Stew.

First Big Chef and Little Chef need to wash their hands.

And then they carefully chop up chicken and onions.

I don't cook the food, I just eat it!

Everything in the pot.

Measure out some sauce.

Stir it all together.

Wipe up all the spills you made stirring!

Joey supervises, too.

The stew was very good, and we will all have a big change to make when Daddy goes back to work on Monday! It's been very nice having him home!


appleseed said...

Here's an added bonus for those of you that read the comments,too.
I found this poem on
Jeff laughed to coughing when he read it...

The Husband's Complaint

I've heard of wives too musical – too talkative – too quiet
Of scolding and of gaming wives and those too fond of Riot;
But yet of all the errors I know, which to women fall;
Forever doing fancywork, I think exceeds them all.

The other day when I went home no dinner was for me,
I asked my wife the reason; she answered, “one, two, three.”
I told her I was hungry and stamped upon the floor
She never even looked at me, but mumbled, “one green more.”

If any lady comes to tea, her bag is first surveyed,
And if the pattern pleases her, a copy there is made.
She stares too at the gentlemen, and when I ask her why?
Tis, “Oh, my love, the pattern of his waistcoast struck my eye.”

Ah! The misery of a working wife, with fancywork run wild;
And hands that never do naught else for husband or for child;
Our clothes are rent, our bills unpaid; my house is in disorder;
And all because my lady wife has taken to embroider.

A History of Needlemaking
M. T. Morral, 1852

Lady M said...

Happy new year! All that organized floss is indeed pleasing. I love your handiwork.

Sue in western WA said...

Oooo! Thanks for the poem! (I think I've actually seen that before somewhere in a past life....)

I love to have everything all organized and tidy too but then promptly make a huge mess again with the next project ;- ) It's nice while it lasts though!