Monday, January 14, 2008

More craftiness and potty training

I have been using a lot of pins in the quilt making endeavor and didn't have a very satisfactory place to store them.
I had been using this sheep tape measure, feeling baaa-d about every time I shoved another pin in his wool!

I don't remember where I got this idea, but I copied it quickly.

I even got all uber-sappy about using Grandma Rose's mug. In hindsight, she probably would have been laughing her butt off at me trying to figure out the sewing machine. Bobbin thread is a pain- I'm just sayin'.

Here you can see how I pinned some extra batting around the base of the tomato to keep it securely shoved into the cup.

We don't really need to mention the fact that all the pins are in different sections of the cushion by color, do we? No, I didn't think so!

Jimmy has been progressing very well with his potty training!
He enjoys sitting with the flapper up and getting a reward.
It only took a few days of pee-ing on the floor uh-oh's before he got it.

I usually remind him every hour to try to use his potty, but today he went on his own without being reminded! Big step!
Here is the reward pail for using the potty. I like the underpants stickers and the t.p. one too!

For a reward Jimmy gets his favorite candy. 4 for a #1 and 6 for a #2.

*I still use a diaper*

Jimmy also has to wash his hands before he gets his reward. An excellent excuse to buy this neat product. It's called squid soap and leaves a dab of ink on the palm that doesn't wash off for 15 seconds of rubbing. And I'm a sucker for anything that comes with a free toy!

Actually, deep down I want to be just like Lady M!

More crafting!

Yesterday I painted up a gift box for Mae's present.

I hope she likes it, when she gets here! I know her Mommy will!

The box was just the right size for her quilt and a copy of Big Red Barn for her.

Close up of the barn centerpiece of the quilt. You can also see that I didn't paint the inside of the box.

I painted the inside of this box for Alaina's Christmas present, and discovered that the lid stuck quite a bit... lesson learned.

That's all the crafting for now!
I am busy re-doing Brian and Katharina's wedding present. The first one had some issues...
I will post pictures when I finish it of course!


Anonymous said...

My mum used to teach us colours with smarties-candies! If we got the colour right, we could eat the candy, if not, our (I have got a twin brother) older sister would get it!
The quilts are gorgeous!!!

Lady M said...

Yay, Squid soap!

I usually organize my pins colors by section too. After the last crazy sewing mania (ten 1920's flapper dresses, pre-baby), I think I didn't put them all back though.