Friday, January 18, 2008

Kids? What kids?

Seriously, I haven't taken many pictures of the boys lately...
Jimmy is potty training and therefore bottomless most of the day and Joey has a cold / is teething and very cranky lately! Not good for pictures!

But I did complete another sewing project with my new machine. Without any swearing at all!
My kind of project.

Two taggie blankets for the two upcoming arrivals in the family.

Of course, Jimmy tested out the tags before they were sewn to make sure they were kiki worthy.

Can you tell I had fun buying ribbons?

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer, thank you for your lovely comment. The part about understanding really touched me. It's like when souls connect for a second or two.

I had never seen this cool idea about ribbons at the sides of the blanket! I am sure babies will love them, I can imagine how they will chew them :)!