Saturday, November 27, 2010

Marvelous Mainland Vacation! Anaconda and Great Falls

Welcome back!

As we left off last time, the boys and I left Bozeman and headed a bit off the beaten track, ending up in a sleepy mining town with a giant mountain of coal.
This could only mean one thing...

Great Grandma Mary! 
We were able to stop by for a quick lunch before we headed off once again to our destination for the next few days...

Anyone recognize this butte? If you do, you know we were headed to Great Falls!

We spent one day out at Aunt Tippy and Uncle Keith's homestead to celebrate Tippy's birthday. We got a tour of the hen house, and were able to find one egg in the nesting boxes. 

The boys liked chasing the chickens around in between popsicles and Jimmy discovered he was able to fit into the hen house chicken sized door  

As we fueled up for the next adventure, the boys discovered the joy of buffet dining!

And Grandma Terrie discovered the joy of dining with two almost feral boys! 
Up next... ranch day!

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