Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Marvelous Mainland Vacation Days 5-9

There are less pictures, now since most of our time was spent on the road.
Day 5 looked like this for most of the day.

We arrived at Grandma and Grandpa's hose in the afternoon, and spent the next few days decompressing.

 We took one trip out to Grandpa Jim's work to be paraded around and generally shown off.
 Day number 8 brought us back into the mountains.  I love the mountains when they are not covered in snow!
 Our first stop in town was to go see Big Mike! 
Then we went inside and saw lots of other dinosaurs. I was disappointed that the big displays aren't there anymore, but the upstairs that was once an art gallery had been converted to a kid sized Yellowstone Park.

This was really awesome. If I had known about this I would have made more time in the schedule to play up there... There was an eagles nest and a fire tower, as well as a fishing pond, where Jimmy caught fish...

And Joey took the fish around the corner into the ranger cabin to "cook" it...

 and then "eat" it before he threw it back in the pond.
 The coolest thing (imho) was the wildlife sculptures.  They were all found object art.  Really cool!

There was also a mini- Old Faithful as well! Can't be Yellowstone without that!

After "Yellowstone" we caught a planetarium show, and then headed to Auntie Sarah's house to crash for the night.
 The kids settled in downstairs to watch a train video while Mama and Sarah giggled away upstairs. 
 The kids all got along for the most part, maybe a little too well at times! (can you say blackmail pictures?)

 The next morning before we hit the road again we went to the Cat Eye Cafe. One of our all time favorite places!
 And we never noticed before, since the last time we were there together we were both child-free, but the Cat Eye offers kitty face pancakes! A hit all around!

After breakfast and lots of hugs the boys and I hit the road on our way to Anaconda.

More to come!

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