Saturday, November 27, 2010

Marvelous Mainland Vacation! "Mama! It's a REAL COWBOY!"

We were nearing the end of the trip! Time to take a journey out into the Highwood Mountains and visit the ranch.
I tried to get a shot of all three generations of James but the youngest one did not cooperate. I did catch the youngest and the oldest, however.

Joey's always ready to cooperate for the camera!

Looking out into the field behind the barn. A beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding!

Of course the boy found the only train within 100 yards! A mysterious boxcar out under the trees... 

The ranch is so beautiful this time of year, it is hard to stop taking pictures of it.  Also having lots of great childhood memories out here doesn't hurt, either!

Grandpa Jim showed the kids around, and had them all try out his old saddle.

We couldn't convince him to show us how it was done, however...

The horses were very curious about the day's events. 

They were also very pleased with the many small hands offering tender greens, as well!

Up Next... the Grand Finale!

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