Friday, October 09, 2009

A honu world

While Daddy was on leave and Jimmy was in school, we took the opportunity to take Joey to the beach.

C'mon Daddy! Let's GO!

We always take plenty of chip breaks in our swim time...

Most of you know about Mama recently finding some gray hairs on her head. I'm sure none of them have anything to do with this child who barrels juggernaut-style into waves as big as himself.

Daddy holds on tight!

Given that this trip was about a week after the full moon, there were jellyfish near shore... and where there's jellyfish, there's turtles.
There were five or six swimming around within feet of the boys...
If you go back and watch the video again, keep your eyes on the top left corner near the middle of the video and you'll spot a turtle coming up for a breather.

You may have to click on the picture to see it well, but there is a turtle at the boys' 11 o'clock.

Here is one just popping up for air, then it dove down and cruised under the oncoming surfboard.

This big guy was doing some surfing of his own.

The crazy thing about the turtles is that if you are in the water, you can't see them until you are almost right on top of them, and if you are on shore you can see them clear as day!
A good time was had by all.


Lady M said...

What a splendid outing!

Do the turtles eat jellyfish?

Anonymous said...

I am just a little excited!!!!! Hawaii look out here come the Larsen/Kakuk's