Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Time to get the spooks and ghoulies ready for the Trick -Or -Treating.

Melodie picked a place on the lanai to hang out and watch the visitors.

Jimmy let me paint his face.

Joey had claws on his hands.

And on his feet!

I loved the spikes on his tail and his wings!

Jimmy enjoyed being a tiger-kitty.

Big boys ready to go out together this year!

They left with empty buckets...

and returned with full ones that promptly got dumped and sorted...

Have to pick out the favorites first!

Sorry for the tilt on this... I have to remember I can't rotate videos...

Enjoy the cuteness!


Lady M said...

Fabulous and adorable costumes! My 4 year old was Obi-wan (of course) and requested that his little brother be Yoda - a height-appropriate costume for a little guy. ;)

Anonymous said...

my favorite was the peepers! Ella was a little pony.